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A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Blog

I'm moving the kids blog over to livejournal where I have another blog already. Their new address is I've already posted some beagle versus snow pictures to entice you to visit. If you're still checking this blog, that is.

Yea, It's been over a year

since I've last posted. The hounds are doing well and having fun being beagles. We had an incident back in October that resulted in two trips to the vet. They had a knock-down, drag-out dog fight complete with injuries. We called in a dog trainer/behaviour specialist and it's doing wonders. We should have been doing more with their training all along.

Overall they are good kids and we wouldn't part with them for the world. So onto the pictures!

We're getting over 2 feet of snow, so I'll try to get some hound versus snow pictures.

Friday, October 31, 2008


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Pearl has been really blossoming here at the new house. Ever since she nearly caught a bunny in the garden, she’s been more aggressive with her toys, a little pushy for snuggling, and generally more beagley.

It’s been great fun, really. Until she found the Nutrisystem bars in the dining room. Neither hound had ever shown interest in something wrapped (i.e., food bars). I had put some on the floor (big mistake) to get into the box the bars were sitting on. Pearl ate about half a chocolate covered granola bar. Talk about a spun-up dog. She never got sick, but had the zoomies for about an hour.

This morning I put the Halloween candy on the floor in the kitchen. (I know.) Now, the candy was in a plastic grocery bag, tied, and the candy was in its own bags, within their own individual wrappers. Little bitch got into the grocery bag, got a bag of Butterfingers opened, and snarfled a fun-size Butterfinger. I yelled her name, she snatched up the Butterfinger she’d not finished with and took off. I policed up the bag of bags, and then went after her. She finished the Butterfinger. Then slunk around because she knew I was mad at her. They are caged off in the kitchen during the day anyway, so I don’t suspect anything will come to harm and she’ll just have another case of the zoomies.

Okay, so with Pearl, no food items go on the floor, wrapped or otherwise.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's been awhile

I know it's been awhile since I've last posted about 'the kids'. They are doing fine and loving their big back yard. But we've not loved having to mow that back yard, but it is what it is.

A while ago I took pictures of them with Carla. It's almost a ritual that when Carla comes over, everyone gets their fair share of the petting.

Don't they look smug? As if they own the world and this is what is owed them.
They're pretty happy pups.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This morning was punctuated with houndishness. The usual routine is to get up at 5:00, water the lawn, come in and scarf the food, and then fertilize the lawn. This is all happens in about 15 minutes or so. Then Pearl roams and Boogie sleeps.

Not this morning. The hounds accomplished watering the lawn, but I had to retrieve Boogalu for the food scarfing. Then I let them back out for the fertilizing portion. Apparently something lurked in our backyard during the night and Boogie had to alert us to this fact. He emitted sharp, short yelps calling the pack to the hunt. I brought him in for the time I was getting ready for work. Afterwards, I decided to walk him on his leash in the backyard as this usually keeps him quieter. Not this time. Pearl worked him up and he started howling. Back into the house we go. I can appreciate my neighbors do no necessarily want or need hounds howling at 5:30 in the am. But at the same time, he needs to potty before I leave for work.

Below are some Beagle Patrol pictures. It was such a nice day on Sunday the kids just roamed for hours. We call it Beagle Patrol because Boogie is always on the lookout for intruders.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Saturday was Jim's birthday fondue bash. I had two friends come over around 4 to help with the prep. Around 5:30 we discovered Pearl digging for China in the back yard. We got her in the house and realized that mud was caked on her paws so deeply that was in between her toes. So Jim scooped her up and whisked her to the bathroom for a quick bath before guests started arriving. Jim said there were pebbles stuck in her paws she was so filthy.

Then, after Pearl was washed, Boogie was out back running up and down the fence line barking at the neighbor dogs. It was muddy outside and he coated his underside very liberally with mud. Jim went out, brought Boogie in and we toweled him off. I grabbed a Pet Wipe and wiped him down quickly as guests were beginning to arrive. Love the Pet wipes. Because Boogie has such fine fur, they work fantastically on him.

This is the second time we had to execute an emergency bathing procedure just before guests arrive at the house. Pearlie instigated it the last time, too, now that I think of it.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Can you find the Beagle?

In the pile of blanket, is Boogalu. He barely moved from this obviously snuggly nest when we came home from dinner.

He lifted his head, saw it was us, and went back to sleep. Lazy hound.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Favorite Spots

Since moving in the new house, the hounds have had to find new favorite spots. These are generally determined by where the sun is shining.

However, since Jim has a new recliner, the recliner has a fairly high standing as well. It's absolute perfection to be able to sit on Jim, in the recliner, and be able to see outside as well.

It's a tough battle sometime to beat Boogie to the chair. Since Jim is having to sleep in the recliner (see my other blog) I have to distract Boogie and Pearl with treats while Jim climbs in and gets settled. Then Boogie joins him.

The next favorite spot is by the sliding glass door when the sun is shining through. If you're missing the pups, start looking for sun spots.