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A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well That Didn't Last Long

Apparently Boogie and Pearl started barking through their collars. This doesn't surprise me, really, but I am a little saddened by it. What this means is that we have to start keeping them in all day. Nothing really seems to be working, or providing a long-term solution.

So, the only real solution is to keep them in. Instead of giving them the whole house to run through, tho, we're keeping them in the bathroom. This may be temporary, but we'll see how they do. They have to learn to hold it again, so it may take a few months.

What really annoys me tho, is that no one told us. Our neighbor Steve was home on Friday and witness this and he told us. He also told us that another neighbor said they were going to complain to the home owners association. Instead of talking to us. So that we could do something about it. I just don't get it. We pick up after them on walks (most of our other neighbors don't). We talk with our neighbors. They told us before about the barking and that's why we got the bark collars. Obviously we're trying to be good neighbors; why would we suddenly change?

So in they stay. It's day two, and so far Boogie hasn't yet put up a fuss about being led to the bathroom. We'll see how long that lasts. Treats help!