Boogalu and Pearl's Page

A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Frosty Paws

A few weeks ago I found out about a dog treat called Frosty Paws. It's an ice cream treat for dogs found in the freezer section. Well, wouldn't you know it, but my local grocery carried it. So we had to buy some. The kids aren't spoiled are they?

It's about a half cup size in a paper container. Boogie and Pearl loved it. They have to lick it until it's done because of the cup. Boogie chased his around the kitchen. Pearl propped hers up against Jim (he was sitting on the floor) so it would stop moving around. It was a good thing so that Jim could keep the two separated. It was so cute!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Spotted Dog or the Great Paint Catastrophe

We've had someone coming by our house and doing some painting for us. I locked Boogie and Pearl in the bathroom as usual knowing Painter Dude would let them out when he got into the house. Well, he underestimated the exuberance of an beagle released. The sequence of events was the Painter Dude poured paint into the paint tray, then realizing he could release the hounds, opened the bedroom door. He was preparing to paint in the master bedroom closet, so that's where the paint pan was. Pearlie ran right through it. In an effort to curb the destruction, Painter Dude grabbed Pearl. Pearl, when she's startled at being picked up, howls like she's being injured, which she did, and Painter Dude put her back down. Thus ensued catastrophe. Jim and I are amused. Painter Dude was mortified. He cleaned everything up, including the dogs as best he could. I saw paint on Boogie

And figured he had brushed up against some freshly painted trim. Then Painter Dude came in and asked if I had talked with Jim. I said no, and he explained that Pearl had created a disaster and that the paint on Boogie had come from Pearl. I took a careful look at Pearlie and:
Discovered she had painted paws. It's coming out of their fur just fine, but it must have been funny!