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A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Confused Beagles

Jim and I decided to try to sell our house and buy a single family home. To that end, we are packing up quite a bit of our stuff to declutter the house and make it more appealing. The piles of boxes in the living room has Boogie a bit confused. So he's attached himself even more to Jim, if that's possible. Pearlie just rolls with things and only get upset if her chair has stuff on it.

It's been entertaining. I've put Boogie back on his Shen calmer pills and that seems to help. Jim makes sure he spends a few minutes of beagle time when he gets home. He gets on the floor and the dogs just climb all over him, happily wagging tails and licking toes. It's really cute.