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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Help Some Beagles

Beagle Rescue Education and Welfare is helping with a hoarding case found in Maryland. Approximately 100 beagles are being rescued from a farm, where it seems someone was trying to establish a breeding kennel. It got away from them resulting in more beagles than could be reasonably handled. You can got to page 6 of Available Beagles and about half-way down, starting with Bentley you can see the first 8 beagles.

Their write-up is: "Sissy, Dawn, and Sprite are beautiful little girls rescued from a life of making puppies and birthing them in a barn. Nicely behaved in the car and snuggly sweet in your arms, these three girls are shyer than the boys, but oh, do they love to cuddle! They are being spayed and will be ready for their new homes soon. BREW rescued Bentley Too, Dexter, Dasher, Toby, Jake, Sissy, Dawn and Sprite from a hoarding situation in Charles County, MD. The person hoarding these dogs (100 beagles total) had them housed in a barn (in stalls!!). The girls were just breeding machines. The boys got more socialization than the girls did, since the boys weren’t cooped up the whole time making babies. The dogs will be pulled by lots of 20. BREW took 8 from this first group, with some of the other dogs rescued by another rescue group. More to come…."

These beagles all need vetting and neutering/spaying prior to being fostered and adopted. All of that requires money. If you can, go to the BREW website and make a donation to help them out.
You can either sponsor a specific beagle or on BREW's home page, scroll down and make a donation with pay pal.

I'm going to be on travel for business for the next 3 weeks, so there won't be another post until April.