Boogalu and Pearl's Page

A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Spoiled brats

We went to Target the other week and bought dog stuff. That was a fun trip! We debated for a while whether we should get a doggie bed or not. I was pretty sure that Pearlie would love one. The instant we put the bed on the floor, she was on it. I think she belonged to a family in her previous life and was familiar with doggie beds.

We also bought some toys for Boogalu, primarily, but our little Pearl has taken to some of them. She loves Nyla bones and occasionally harrasses the stuffed squirrel. Of course, as soon as Pearl starts on a toy, Boogalu wants to take it from her. I wonder if we should be running Barney on TV while we are gone during the day to teach him to share? Here Boogalu is doing a number on the stuffed squirrel while Pearl catches some Zs in her bed.

This was just too cute to pass up. Boogalu is on the chair and I was on the floor.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Expanding Horizons

Boogalu and Pearl are watching us from within the confines of the temporary garden fence while we "dog proof" the new fence. Boogalu has the sense to sit in the shade of the hydrangea bush. Pearl usually does too, but she was curious.

This is reckless abandon after the temporary fence came down. Pearlie is smiling! Note the chicken wire along the fence line. We're hoping this at least deters some digging and buys us some time in order to prevent escapes. So far, so good. We'll see.