Boogalu and Pearl's Page

A blog about Boogalu and Pearl, Beagles who were rescued.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good News!

Pearl has been doing so well lately. I think the worms are what started things off on the wrong paw. The vet called yesterday to say that both Boogalu's and Pearl's stool samples were clear, no more worms! Yeah!

About two weeks ago I started slowly, very slowly, integrating Boogie's food in with Pearl's bland prescription diet and thing proceeded well. Saturday was her first day of all kibble and no prescription food and she's doing great. Even the whole "poop schedule" has been working itself out. We couldn't be more pleased.

Pearl is wonderfully fun to watch around the house. We've decided she's a "den dog." While she'll be the first up on a chair, she also like hiding underneath them or the end table. I'll try to get a picture and post it. She also likes sleeping under the bed. That's right, under it. Believe me, it works better that way. She's a very squirm-ey pooch and likes squirming right into you even at 2:00 am. We've decided we need to get some doggie beds for her. Not spoiled at all, is she?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bunny Slayer

Yep, it finally happened. Not on the Bunny Deck, as one would assume. But at home in our own back yard. Saturday I noticed the Boogalu was digging in a corner by the air conditioner. This corner was filled with dead leaves and some gardening stuff. I figured some critter was living there and now was a good time to clean it all out. A yard trash bag later, I have a cleaned out corner, but no critters. Boogalu is still interested in the area, but finally gives up.

Skip to Sunday morning. Boogalu is outside as usual. Jim glances outside from the kitchen window and notices Boogie is digging in the corner again. He yells, the dog stops. A little while later, Jim checks on Boogie again and realizes he has something. Jim says to me, "I think Boogalu has killed something." We run down the stairs and open the door and there is Booglu, very proud of himself with a small bunny hanging out of his mouth. While this makes the hearts of rabbit hunters everywhere go pitter-pat, we were not amused. Okay, we were slightly amused. "Look at me, I caught a bunny!" You could just hear him. Yes, the rabbit died. No, we did not get a picture. A) I left the camera upstairs B) I didnt' think a dead bunny would be a good picture. Using a spray bottle, Jim gets Boogie to drop the bunny and gets Boogie inside the house, where I close the door. Jim disposes of the bunny in the woods where some other animal will enjoy the kill.

Boogalu lost his mind when he realized that Jim removed the bunny. After we let him back into the yard, Boogalu spent the next 20 minutes looking for the bunny.

Lots of dog drama this weekend.